Hiring a Senior Move Manager
for your move

Moving is a process, and can be one of life's most difficult, especially where family dynamics are concerned. Whether you're moving out of one home and into another, or "right-sizing" your belongings to fit your current home or lifestyle, sifting through a lifetime of belongings is exhausting and can be an overwhelming task. But what if your move could be free of strain and stress

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You'll find that Handle with Care Senior Move Managers particularly excel at:

 • Sorting & Organization
 • Taking special care of you and your belongings 
 • Designing your new floor plan

 • Time Management
 • Problem solving

We carefully pack all of your belongings, making a thorough packing list and clearly labeling everything so it's delivered to the proper area in your new home. We make a inventory of your property in case anything is possibly damaged in transit.

We can provide you with a list of trustworthy movers. We then work with the movers you choose to coordinate all the details of your move. We supervise them the day of your move so everything is properly and efficiently taken care of. We also arrange for your utilities to be turned off in your current home, and then turned on in your new home. 

Unpacking Your New Home

Sorting and Organizing

Packing and Inventory of belongings

Mover Scheduling and Supervision

We build a custom floor plan for your new home ahead of time so that when the boxes arrive there, we're ready to unpack, put away and resettle your new home. When our work is done, you walk into a home that's ready to live in. Your kitchen is in place, your computers and TVs are connected, and your bed is made. You can immediately begin enjoying your new home.

  • Sorting through your possessions prior to moving can be a daunting task,
    especially if you're downsizing. We
    guide you through the process so you can move through it smoothly and efficiently, and help separate out those items you no longer need or want. This can save both time and money during the actual move. 

Allocation of Items You no longer Want or Need

Selling - We manage the sale of the valuable items through various means, including estate sale, auctions, and eBay experts, so  you might actually make money back with your move.
Shipping - With items you'd like to send to family and friends, we use our shipping connections and experience to find the most economical way to deliver them, pack them up and send them on their way.
Donating - We take care of items to be donated by arranging for the local charity of your choice to pick them up. We also provide you with a detailed list and valuation for tax purposes. 

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